Subcontractor Payment Instructions

Purpose: Burke Builders uses standardized pay applications to manage subcontracts and provide payment to subcontractors on terms that are as fast as possible.

Deadlines: Subcontractors shall submit pay applications no later than the 25th day of the month. Subcontractors may include work completed by the last day of the calendar month (for example a pay application submitted June 25th many include work that is completed by June 30th). Please email pay applications to the responsible project manager identified on the Notice to Proceed. Please CC the accounting department at

Application and Certification for Payment (ACP Form): The ACP form certifies the total subcontract price, work completed, retainage, payments received, and payment requested. A signed ACP form must be provided for a pay application to be accepted by Burke Builders.

Click here for Application and Certification for Payment (ACP Form)

Continuation Sheet (CS Form): The continuation sheet provides percentage-of-completion of the subcontract’s individual work items and schedule values. Please ensure work items and schedule values used on the continuation sheet match those issued by Burke Builders in the Notice to Proceed document.

Click here for Continuation Sheet Form (CS Form)

Additional Work: Additional work must be supported by an executed Additional Work Authorization to be included in a pay application. Burke Builders cannot accept pay applications that include change not approved via an executed Additional Work Authorization.

Click here for Additional Work Authorization Form (AWA Form)

Materials Stored Off-Site: Additional supporting documentation is required for material stored off-site. The subcontractor must provide 1) a bill of sale including the project name and address and 2) pictures of stored material clearly showing the job name or address. Individual projects may include additional provisions for reimbursement of materials stored off-site.